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Easy access without login

Access your calendar via access links without a login.
For example:

For your calendar you get several access links for which you can set individual permissions (e.g. read or write).

For increased security, each access link can be additionally protected with a password.

Practical for teams

Due to the easy access via links and the extensive rights management, is optimally suited to work on a calendar with several people in an uncomplicated way.

Sub-calendar for a better overview

Structure your calendar with colored sub-calendars. For each access link, you can also define which sub-calendars are readable and writable.

Wide range of applications

  • Team calendar
  • Family calendar
  • Company calendar
  • Practice calendar
  • Club calendar
  • Integration into website
  • Display on info monitor
  • Personal calendar
  • Holiday planning
  • Timetable
  • Riding stable planning
  • Room planning
  • Duty roster
  • School calendar

Never miss an event again

Get reminders of your appointments via email or SMS. You also have the option to send reminders to your team and family members.

You can receive daily or weekly agenda reminders so that you can stay informed by email about upcoming events.

Additionally, you can receive notifications about new events or event changes by email.

Available on all devices can be used on smartphone, tablet, and desktop. On Android, iOS and MacOs you can additionally install our APP:
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  • Up to 6 sub-calendars
  • Up to 3 access links
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Comprehensive rights management
  • Printing / PDF export
  • Appointment statistics
  • Event export
  • Event import
  • Import interval of one day
  • Integration into your own website
  • Android-APP / iOS-APP
  • Time zone support
  • One year of historical data
  • Free forever



per month
incl. VAT

  • All Basic features
  • Up to 20 sub-calendars
  • Up to 10 access links
  • Additional Password protection
  • E-mail reminders
  • Notifications
  • Daily agenda
  • Individual access links
  • Import interval three hours
  • Five years historical data
  • Cancel any time
  • 5.52$/month for annual payment



per month
incl. VAT

  • All Basic and Plus features
  • Unlimited sub-calendars
  • Unlimited access links
  • Attach files to event
  • Export to Excel
  • Automatic refresh
  • Import interval fifteen minutes
  • Reminder by SMS
  • Invite participants to events
  • Registration for events
  • No branding
  • Custom logo
  • API interface
  • Unlimited historical data
  • Cancel any time
  • 11.92$/month for annual payment

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Who is this calendar meant for? is for individuals and groups such as families and teams. Access via links makes it especially easy to use the calendar on multiple devices or to share it with other people.
How can I access my calendar?
After creating your calendar, you will receive an "administrator link". This link gives you access to both your calendar and settings.
What are access links?
Access links give you access to your calendar.

An access link consists of the domain ( and a 20-digit string.


The 20-digit string is generated randomly when the link is created and cannot be guessed (see question "How secure is the calendar?").

From the plus version it is possible to edit the character string (example: It is also possible to set a password for each access link for additional security.

The link as a view

In addition to the access control, you can think of a link as a separate view that is tailored to a specific user group of the calendar. For example, if you have customers who only want to be informed about their appointments, change the settings for this link so that read-only access is only available.

There are many other access rights that you can set up and manage in detail for each link.
What are sub-calendars?
Sub-calendars offer you the option of assigning your appointments to specific topics within your calendar so that the calendar is more structured. This way, appointments are better separated from each other in terms of content and color using sub-calendars.
How can I display only certain events?
1) In the navigation on the left, click on "Access"

2a) Use the "New Link" button to create a link with which you want to give access to your events.

2b) Alternatively: Edit an existing link with the "green pencil symbol" on the right

3) In the left box in the "Permission" area, please open the dropdown and select "Set detailed for sub-calendar".

You can explicitly set the rights for each sub-calendar via the list that is now open. Then save the link and send it to the desired users, e.g. by email.
Is GDPR compliant? is GDPR compliant. All servers are located in Germany. IP addresses are only stored anonymously. No data is passed on or sold to third parties.
How do I access the settings?
Access your calendar via the "administrator link" and click on the cogwheel symbol in the top right-hand corner:
How can I share the calendar?
After creating your calendar, you will receive an "editor link" and a "reader link" in addition to the "administrator link". Share the "editor link" with people who should be allowed to create and edit events. Share the "reader link" with people who should only be allowed to view the existing events. In the settings, you can edit all links and create new links if necessary.
Who can create events?
All users who know the "administrator link" or "editor link".
Do I need an account to access a calendar?
No, you just have to forward the correct link (editor / reader) to other people so that they can view the calendar. Even if you create a calendar for the first time as an administrator, registration or an account are not necessary.
What happens to my e-mail address when I create a calendar?
In contrast to social networks or similarly large platforms, which are designed to "collect data", it is our goal to collect as little data as possible from you. Your e-mail address is only used to send you to your calendar. You will also receive a list of access links by e-mail for security reasons in case you lose them.
Can I integrate the calendar into my website?
You can easily integrate the calendar into your website. Further information can be found here: Integration into your own website.
How secure is the calendar?
The access links are hexadecimal coded with a length of 20 characters. This results in about 1.2 quadrillion possible combinations. Thus, it is nearly impossible to guess an access link. As an additional security measure, unauthorized access is recorded and the corresponding IP addresses are blocked.
Is the service free of charge?
In the basic version the service is free of charge.
What does "automatic refresh" mean?
Note: The term has nothing to do with the appointment import intervals or the topic of appointment import in general.

If you have opened your calendar on your monitor and do not take any further actions while your colleagues add, delete or change appointments, the status in your open calendar will not change. Only when you navigate through the calendar yourself or take any action will you receive the status adjusted by your colleagues.

If you now have a calendar with read access, e.g. on an info monitor (e.g. vehicle registration office) where no updates are possible for a long time through user actions, "Automatic Refresh" offers you the solution here.

You can activate this function within the settings and specify an interval in which the calendar automatically refreshes the currently open view with the latest appointments.
What does import interval mean? allows you to import appointments from other calendars (e.g. Outlook) into This can happen once or regularly via iCalendar feeds or iCalendar files. Because an import process increases the server load, the process is only carried out at certain time intervals, so-called import intervals. Depending on the subscription model of your calendar, you can reduce the interval to up to 15 minutes.
My appointments don‘t appear on my own calendar (e.g. Outlook) via import or are out of date also offers the option of exporting appointments to an external calendar such as Outlook. This is done via iCalendar feed and depends heavily on whether your own calendar supports this and which import options are available here.

Typically Outlook and so on only offer a one-time import, which is why an import must be initiated manually every time!

If your own calendar supports regular imports, newly set appointments at may not appear directly in your calendar, as each provider has different import intervals that we cannot influence!

If you export appointments from, these new appointments no longer have any relation to the appointments in your Changes in therefore have no effect on the new appointments in Outlook and so on.
How can I import appointments from Outlook to
In Outlook:

1) Please log in to the web version of Office 365
2) Open the Outlook calendar at
3) Open the settings (gear wheel top right)
4) View all Outlook settings
5) Open Calendar => Shared Calendar
6) Under "Publish a calendar" you can create an ICS link


7) Open your administrator link
8) Open the settings (gear wheel at the top right)
9) Open "Import" in the navigation on the left
10) Click on "New Import" on the far right
11) Use the ICS link from point 6 and create a new import for
How can I manually import appointments from Google Calendar to
In Google:

1) Please generate an ICS file with the following instructions:


2) Open your administrator link
3) Open the settings (gear wheel at the top right)
4) Open "Import" in the navigation on the left
5) Click on "New Import" on the far right
6) Use the ICS file from point 1 and import it
How can I import appointments regularly from Google Calendar to
In Google Calendar:

1) Log in to the web version of your Google Calendar:
2) Open the settings by clicking on the cogwheel in the upper right corner
3) On the left side of the navigation you will find the section "Settings for my calendars". Select a sub-calendar you created yourself that you would like to export.
4) Under "Access permissions for events", place the checkmark next to "Make available to public".
5) Scroll down to "Integrate calendar". Here there is a section called "Public address in iCal format". Copy the full address.


5) Open your administrator link
6) Open the settings (cogwheel on the top right)
7) Open "Import" in the navigation on the left side
8) Click on "New Import" on the far right side
9) Use the ICS link from point 4 and create a new import for
How can I import events regularly from Apple Calendar to
In iCloud:

1) Sign in to iCloud with your Apple account at the following address:
2) Open your iCloud Apple Calendar via the following address:
3) In the left column you will find all sub-calendars that have been created for your calendar. To the right of the sub-calendar name you will find an icon that is similar to the Wi-Fi reception icon. Click on this icon.
4) Check "Public Calendar" so that an export link appears
5) Copy this link and then replace "webcal://" with "http://".


6) Open your administrator link
7) Open the settings (cogwheel on the top right)
8) Open "Import" in the navigation on the left side
9) Click on "New Import" on the far right side
10) Use the ICS link from point 5 and create a new import
How can I assign individual write or read rights for each link?
1) Open your administrator link
2) Open the settings (gear wheel top right)
3) Open "Access" in the navigation on the left
4) Go to the settings of the desired link via the green pencil on the right side
5) Please open the dropdown below "Permission" and select "Set detailed for sub-calendar"

Now a table opens where you can set the rights for each sub-calendar.
How do I use SMS or where do I find this function?
First you have to create a recipient for SMS notifications or update an existing recipient:


1) Open your administrator link
2) Click the gear in the top right corner
3) Click on "Team" in the navigation on the left
4a) Click on "New team member" on the far right
4b) For team members that have already been created: Click on the green pencil on the far right
5) Fill out any contact details for your team member, don't forget the phone number
6) Click on "Save" to create / update the team member

In the calendar:

1) Create a new event by clicking on a free space in the calendar
2) In the "Reminders" area click on "Add"
3) Now select your team member and the corresponding message channel (SMS)
4) Save your event
Is there a dark mode?
Yes, it can be activated in the calendar in the top right corner via the main menu in the "Design" section. Also, in the settings for each access link you can specify whether it should be activated automatically.