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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Who is this calendar meant for? is for individuals and groups such as families and teams. Access via links makes it especially easy to use the calendar on multiple devices or to share it with other people.
Is GDPR compliant? is GDPR compliant. All servers are located in Germany. IP addresses are only stored anonymously. No data is passed on or sold to third parties.
How can I access my calendar?
After creating your calendar, you will receive an "administrator link". This link gives you access to both your calendar and settings.
How do I access the settings?
Access your calendar via the "administrator link" and click on the cogwheel symbol in the top right-hand corner:
How can I share the calendar?
After creating your calendar, you will receive an "editor link" and a "reader link" in addition to the "administrator link". Share the "editor link" with people who should be allowed to create and edit events. Share the "reader link" with people who should only be allowed to view the existing events. In the settings, you can edit all links and create new links if necessary.
Who can create events?
All users who know the "administrator link" or "editor link".
Do I need an account to access a calendar?
No, you just have to forward the correct link (editor / reader) to other people so that they can view the calendar. Even if you create a calendar for the first time as an administrator, registration or an accountare not necessary.
What happens to my e-mail address when I create a calendar?
In contrast to social networks or similarly large platforms, which are designed to "collect data", it is our goal to collect as little data as possible from you. Your e-mail address is only used to send you to your calendar. You will also receive a list of access links by e-mail for security reasons in case you lose them.
Can I integrate the calendar into my website?
You can easily integrate the calendar into your website. Further information can be found here: Integration into your own website.
How secure is the calendar?
The access links are hexadecimal coded with a length of 20 characters. This results in about 1.2 quadrillion possible combinations. Thus, it is nearly impossible to guess an access link. As an additional security measure, unauthorized access is recorded and the corresponding IP addresses are blocked.
Is the service free of charge?
In the basic version the service is free of charge.

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  • Up to 8 sub-calendars
  • Up to 5 access links
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Comprehensive rights management
  • E-mail reminders
  • Notifications
  • Printing / PDF export
  • Event export
  • Event import
  • Import interval of one day
  • Integration into your own website
  • One year of historical data
  • Free forever



per month

  • All Basic features
  • Up to 20 sub-calendars
  • Up to 10 access links
  • Additional Password protection
  • Individual access links
  • Reminder by SMS
  • Import interval three hours
  • Five years historical data
  • Cancel any time



per month

  • All Basic and Plus features
  • Unlimited sub-calendars
  • Unlimited access links
  • Automatic refresh
  • Import interval fifteen minutes
  • No branding
  • Custom logo
  • unlimited historical data
  • Cancel any time